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Village History


Second World War

The Horse and Jockey, which was just two small rooms, saw service during the war as a watering hole not only for soldiers on home leave, but for the United States and Canadian forces billeted in large houses in the village.

Beer was scarce and when it ran out all had to drink the local cider. The American servicemen often bought cider at the Horse and Jockey by the enamel bucketful. The publican ran a thrift club and a slate club where for a weekly subscription a payment was made in case of sickness.

Evacuee children stayed in Ashton Keynes and 46 of them went to the School in Gosditch along with the 95 children from the village. In 1940 a 1,OOO pounds bomb fell at Rixon Gate across the High Road killing one man as he lay in bed.

The villagers organised dances to entertain the visiting troops, and shows that it is said always ended with black and white minstrels.