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Village History


20th Century Dawn

In February 1900 a torchlight procession through the dark streets celebrated the Relief of Ladysmith. In 1903 Smoking Concerts were held in the School in Gosditch Street with 'free tobacco' and non-alcoholic drinks at cost price in an effort to create some social life away from the Horse and Jockey, but they did not continue for long.

With the outbreak of War in 1914 life changed suddenly and irrevocably in Gosditch Street as young men left to join up, and women took on a lot of the farm work. In 1916 the school holidays were arranged so that there were two weeks off in June for haymaking, and a month for harvesting in August and September. In autumn 1918 a weekly half holiday was given so blackberries could be picked for jam. Two boys left the School at 13 years to work on farms.