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Neil Burston
01285 860737


Twinning 2014 = into our 22nd year!

We had a great year in 2012 with our 20th Anniversary and reached another major landmark in 2013 when we truly came of age at 21.

We are already looking towards 2014 and the next set of visits.

There are TWO Twinning Visits being planned for 2014, a Kids visit here in March and a Village Visit there at Easter.

Click on our new Logo just below to go to our mini website to find out much more and see videos of Twinning in action.


Twinning is a tremendous, memorable community experience for all the family and a great opportunity to make new friends here AND there and possibly practice the French you learn at school and, get your picture in the local papers!

If you are interested to be a part of this great local event, tell your teacher or a member of the Twinning 2014 Taskforce

email: ashtonkeynestwinning@gmail.com

Thanks for your help

Neil Burston
On behalf of The Ashton Keynes Twinning Team
Twinning since 1992 https://sites.google.com/site/ashtonkeynestwinning/
Kids Visit here March 2014
Village Visit there Easter 18-21 April 2014

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