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Ashton Keynes Greener Village

Russell Dabson
01285 869199





Greener Village Group 

Greener Village Exhibition


Our village is in the process of encouraging people to take action to reduce CO2 emissions, improve waste recycling, reduce overall living costs and improve our environment. We believe there is no single answer to this problem but by making small alterations and improvements to the way we live we can go a long way to achieving our goal. We have decided to hold a public event to review possible solutions available.

Greener Village Fair

The event will provide a forum to bring together experts, suppliers and the local people to consider what can be done, how it can be done and the benefits accruing. It will take the form of an exhibition with seminars being

held throughout the day.

Contact our Group

If you are interested in this or joining our group, phone 01285 869199